Per Elofsson memorial video - Master of the Masters

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Here’s Northug’s emotional gold hug

A couple of days back I found some of our gifs on a Russian website. Although I’m flattered that you find our gifs good enough to upload on other sites, we’d really appreciate if you ask and most of all credit us if you want to use any of our edits, thanks.

Happy 28th birthday, Ilya Chernousov (7.8.1986)

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Happy birthday, Pål Golberg (16.7.1990)

Hey guys!

So, it’s summer and still about 144 days until we get another world cup. Except a couple of instagram pictures, we’re really not getting that much skiing these months and this blog hasn’t really been too active. With that said, we thought maybe you’d like to help us out?

We’re looking for videos to gif, photosets to create and birthday posts to make, and we’d love for you to send in requests!

Send us links to your favourite youtube or instagram videos (and, if there’s any special part you want, the time where it is, or describe it) and we’ll make gifs happen. Or let us know which skiers you want to see more of and we’ll try our best to find stuff! 

You can also send in requests for photosets (like the Sjur Røthe + White one, although design might change).

In addition to this, we’re planning on creating more birthday posts, like the most recent posted. Send us an ask with your favourite’s birthday (and maybe links to your favourite photos/videos of them?) to make sure we won’t miss it! 

You can send it to us either through the askbox, the submit or through fanmail (the two latter are easier for links, but of course the ask works too). If you don’t want your username to show just let us know and we’ll fix it. 

Give us your ideas and we’ll fill this summer with at least a bit more skiing :)

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Happy (late) birthday, Sjur Røthe (2.7.1988)


wintersportsmadness: "Hei! I totally love your blog! Finally someone who makes really good croos-country gifs... With my favourite skier. :-D"

So sorry, we have literally no idea of when we got this! But thank you so much! We really appreciate it <3

Who’s your favourite? :)

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